Upcoming Events

All of the below dates will have been published on the School Newsletter, available HERE.


Class assemblies are on Fridays at 9:10am in the hall. Each class gets one (usually) per term.

YR – 20th March
Y1 – 13th March
Y2 – 14th February @ 9:30am
Y3 – 7th February
Y4 – 28th February
Y5 – 10th January
Y6 – 31st January



All family members are welcome to come along


Saturday 18th January

  • Choir to Peace Proms at Echo Arena, Liverpool

Thursday 23rd January

  • 3.45pm PTFA meeting in school for Reception parents (Red disco plans)

Wednesday 29th January

  • 1-6pm Parent Consultations Rec, Yr2 and Yr6
  • 4-6pm Parent Consultations Yrs 1,3,4 and 5

Thursday  30th January

  • 6-7pm Y3 Sacramental Preparation

Tuesday 11th February

  • 7pm Y2 performance at Schools Alive at the Grand

Thursday 13th February

  • 2.30pm Y4 Fit2Go family workshop
  • 6-7pm Y3 Sacramental Preparation

Friday 14th February

  • 3.30pm break up for half term
  • 5.30 -7pm PTFA Red Disco

Monday 24th February

  • School Closed for staff training

Tuesday 25th February

  • 8.45am School Opens for Spring2

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