Morning Club and Kids' Club

Remember from 12thApril 2021 (Summer Term) our prices have changed:

Before school / morning (7:45am-8:40am) - £3per pupil per day
After school / afternoon (3:00*pm-5:30pm) - £7per pupil per day

Money paying in advance or on the final booking of the week for your child, at the hall-door in the morning/afternoon. Or in a labelled envelope with the pupil-names and dates attended written on it by the end of the week, given to Mrs.Sobrino in the office at any time.


 Parents can pick up their children anytime before 5:30pm. There is an extra charge of £7per child for anyone picked up after 5:30pm.


Please fill in our booking form which lives at, and you can pick to book morning or afternoon on the days you require. There's a link on the school homepage to avoid coming here everytime. 


* or whichever time your class comes out

If you're typing it directly it NEEDS the 's' in 'https' and 'www' in "" . The booking-page will not let you browse without the padlock icon, unlike the general website.

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